Home Firearm Safety

Home firearm safety is important for numerous reasons. With so many people owning firearms these days, gun safety in general should be a number one priority, especially if you have children. Even if you talk to your children about guns, that they are not toys and could injure or kill, doesn’t always stop them from experimenting. Putting them in a drawer, under the bed or in a closet is just not enough, curious children given the right opportunity can and will find them, with the potential for disaster, even if not intentional.

Just hiding your guns isn’t enough, true home firearm safety means locking them up in a gun safe or secure case. Many Bulk ammo for sale. retailers online offer a number of different gun safety equipment, from safes, to hand cases, and even ones that you can hide away in addition to locking them up.

What are some of the realistic statistics that coincide with fire arms in the home? Well here some that have been comprised Glock for Sale. from one of the leading home firearm safety organizations. During 2003 and 2007, more than 63 children in Washington under the age of 17 were sent to the hospital and 7 died from accidental shootings. Intentional shootings, including assaults, suicide attempts, and homicide amounted to 82 in the hospital, as well as 91 dead.

Each year thousands of homes are being broken into, with unlocked guns being the biggest thefts. What do you think happens Guns for Sale. to many of these stolen guns? Do you really think that the persons stealing them even stops to consider gun safety? These stolen guns will usually wind up in the hands of a criminal, do you want this on your conscious?

When it comes to home firearm safety, there are two ways you can go. One of them is to buy a gun safe. While these are safe and secure, there are some draw backs to these. One is that they are extremely large and heavy. Depending on the size, they are also very expensive, with the average cost around five hundred dollars. For a less expensive and convenient solution, there are handgun and rifle cases. These proved handgun safety, are fully padded and cushioned. Some have locking devices built right into them, others have tamper resistant holes that a deadbolt lock will fit into. Here are some examples of the products that are available.

On piece of home firearm Safety equipment is the single pistol case in steel stripe. This case is fully cushioned on the inside with a foam pad, and measures 3. 5″ x9″ x 11, 5 inches. This case sells for $35. There are many similar products, in camouflage, hot pink, zebra striped as well as bright gun safety yellow. These vary in price from $35-$102, depending on the size you need.

Other equipment include rifle and shot gun cases. These range from stainless steel, ones with wheels, and just about any size you need. The base price for these gun safety pieces are around $85 and up. Again, this depends on the color as well as the size of the case you need. All come with locking latches, handles, and thick interior cushioning to keep your firearms in place.

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