Are you looking to find the easiest and cleanest way to dab or vape wax, shatter or concentrate?

Wax vape pens are small, battery powered, portable vape pens that allow you to vape wax and shatter anywhere, and at the optimal temperature. Getting the right temperature is vital in order to cause vaporization and avoid burning.

Tips for buying wax vape pens

Many popular wax vaporizer utilize an exposed heating coil that melts your wax and then, often times, causes it to burn at too high a temperature. This can lead to uneven heating herb veporizer and even overheating of your concentrate and changing the chemical makeup. That causes a different effect and can compromise the flavors.

How do wax vapes work?

Wax pens work by utilizing a higher voltage battery then what is is used for most oil vape pens and a heating element in a bucket that warms, melts and then vaporizes your wax. Pop the cap back on, turn it on and within seconds you are vaping the cleanest smoothest wax and shatter possible.

What are the different types?

They come in many shapes and sizes, all in one pens and atomizer components that can be powered by larger vape mods. Many enthusiasts may try to build their own utilizing components from different manufacturers. While this can be a difficult craft to master, it has an active hobby community around. All in one wax pens are available to make it straight forward safe and easy, even for the beginner.

Learn about the ceram-x wax vape pen

When it comes to demanding quality, our wax pens are no different. We even provide an awesome cleaning/ applicator/ dab tool that will make sure that you stay clean and the wax goes where it’s supposed to.

Make combustion a thing of the past with our new Ceram-X Wax Vaporizer Pen. These wax vape pens pack a real punch with long life, high power vape batteries and options to vape, wax, shatter or high quality concentrates. Get the absolute purest hit possible with our perfectly tuned wax vape pens.

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