Smartphones Can’t Stop an Attacker But a Cell Phone Stun Gun Will

Smartphones Can’t Stop an Attacker But a Cell Phone Stun Gun Will

I love my cell phone. It can let me know what time my dearest White Sox are playing, where they are in the standings and who is on the hill for this evening’s down. I can check my cell phone and know when my next train is leaving Union Station or see what the weather conditions will resemble this end of the week (note: it will be sweltering and damp). That’s right, I can do pretty much anything and access any data under the sun with the dash of a couple of buttons of my cell phone however one thing I can’t do is stop a possibly perilous assault. That is the reason I convey another “phone” with me consistently and this one comes outfitted with something that my cell phone doesn’t, 4.5 million volts of rootin’ tootin’ halting power.


The Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun is a brilliant 30-30 Winchester  to possess in light of the fact that it genuinely is totally imperceptible and very closely resembles a genuine cell even at close examination. I’m not one to legitimize conveying a hid weapon and yet I don’t feel that telling each outsider on the road you are conveying such a gadget is smart by the same token. Dread not however as you don’t need to stress over somebody you know coincidentally attempting to settle on a decision with this gadget and stunning them silly as this telephone comes furnished with two underlying security measures. To begin with, the security should be in the ‘on’ position for the immobilizer to fire and second the trigger should be squeezed. Just to be totally protected however I wouldn’t leave the PDA immobilizer passing on where just anybody could snatch it. I don’t believe this even should be expressed however as one wouldn’t leave a weapon of any sort simply lying about and on the off chance that they would not the sort of individual is adequately dependable to have one of these firearms in any case.


Similarly as with any immobilizer the Pretender phone immobilizer is a considerably more altruistic and safe option in contrast to different weapons of self-protection, similar to guns. Immobilizers work by curbing an assailant, similarly as really as a gun as a rule, yet without leaving somebody with serious and long haul wounds (or dead). The high voltage current upsets an aggressor’s neurological framework while the low amperage makes the current “protected” by not making the current deadly.


Now that is what I call a truly PDA.

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