If you are offering a SaaS (Software as a Service) and are having difficulty in marketing, here are some useful strategies to promote it and start making money with it:

1. You should offer the basic account at no cost in order to draw new sign-ups. Once they’ve tried the service and found a liking, they are more likely to upgrade to paid versions.

2. It is essential to be able to afford at least two levels of upgrades. Most people do not want to upgrade to the highest stage, Engineering Lead time and experts in psychology advise that 1 level below the level of the top’ is the most popular choice.

3. Find out a vacant spot in your specialization and determine that. Is your product the easiest, fastest, safest? You need to know the unique feature that makes it different. Discuss it.

4. Maintain your blog and write regular blog posts. Here are some suggestions for you if you don’t know what you need to write about: what made you decide to initiate the service, which are the top people who use it (not names, but the type or segment) How many users have signed up and what tools you used in development and why, why are you still in beta or why did you get out of beta? Which journals or websites have mentioned your service (thank for them)? Discuss the expertise of your team on this area – are you a CA/CPA? There are a myriad of topics to write about.

5. The blog’s URL is accessible from their account home page. This is important to keep up a regular contact with your customers , without having to send an email blast every now and then often.

6. Set up a feedback section on each account’s home page, and ask users to give their feedback about their favorite or most commonly used features. Also ask the users what their biggest pet peeves are and sort these out. You’ll be surprised see the outcomes. The things you’ve been pushing so hard may not be the most important thing for them.

7. Put some time into the basics SEO of your site. Your site must be found before they are able to sign-up.

8. Run some low cost promotions. Advertise in industry magazines. Advertise on industry blogs.

9. Create extremely targeted ads using AdWords in addition to Facebook. This will cost you money but will get some quick sign-ups. It will also help you discern a compelling marketing message if you run A/B tests on your web page’s copy.

10. It’s not like marketing is free. Even SEO. You are basically trading off the time you spend and your money.

11. It is necessary to market even the free services. Gone are the days that “Build the foundation and then they’ll come’.

12. Locate some influential evangelists who are willing to discuss your software on their blog, website or in forums.

13. Run an affiliate program. Affiliates can really advertise your business and they need to be paid only after the sale is completed. Make sure you provide them with lots of advertising materials.

14. Create presentations to various chambers of commerce , or Internet users’ groups (NeN, TiE, Nasscom chapters) about the advantages of your service. Don’t make it pitchy and only provide a brief blurb at the end.

This will help you begin and pick-up a good momentum in the marketing of you SaaS. Best wishes

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