Gym Equipment – A Must For Your Workout Routine

There are a variety of home gym equipment available in the market, which one can use to achieve good workout routines at home. You must first be clear about your goals before you opt for any exercise equipment. For instance, if you wish to shed some pounds or you are looking to tone up your body, you should go in for resistance bands, weights or machines which offer resistance during your workout routines. Home gym equipment like treadmills and step machines can also be used successfully if you are interested in cardio workouts. If you are a professional athlete, you will be looking for an apparatus which allows you to perform high intensity workouts which would increase your running speed and endurance levels. Here are 20 such home gym equipment that you can use to achieve your desired goals.

This is one of the basic home gym equipments which comes with a foot pedal and a handle bar for easy and stable movement bong yoga gai. With a smoothly running deck and two level inclined stairway, this hi-tech treadmills is an ideal way to kick-start your cardio workout. It also comes with an adjustable incline, which allows you to raise or lower the level of the running deck. The built-in console displays the heart rate statistics, speed and distance covered by you, while an electronic timer counts the duration of each session and provides feedback on the number of calories burnt. This gym equipment costs less than three hundred dollars.

The fitness mat is one of the home gym equipments that provide a perfect cardiovascular workout which helps you burn more calories and improve your fitness levels. A fitness mat is specifically designed to stretch out the entire body muscles and reduce the strain on joints, tendons and ligaments. It is made of rubber or vinyl and measures approximately thirty inches wide, forty inches deep and forty-three inches long. It offers various stretching exercises which work-out even the most stubborn muscle groups.

Cable pulley machines are the best gym equipment that help in improving your strength, building resistance and toning your body muscles. They work out the arms, back, shoulders and chest of your athletes. You can purchase this gym equipment from a local gym store or you can place an order through the internet as well. Prices of cable pulley machines differ according to brand and model.

Elliptical trainers are a great way of exercising which includes low impact on joints. They improve your cardio-respiratory system and burn more calories without affecting your joints. One of the main advantages of elliptical trainers is that they are low-impact machines. Apart from working out the upper and lower body, it can be used for warming up and cooling down the entire body. The trainer comes with a handheld device, which measures your pulse rate and heart rate while you exercise. This exercise equipment is also very effective at strengthening your muscles.

Pilates machines are also very effective exercise equipment. They are a form of yoga along with a mini-gym consisting of a large mat on the floor with an array of exercise equipment mounted on the wall. There are endless results you can get from Pilates. If you want to set up a gym regimen or just maintain a healthy body, then consider investing in a quality gym equipment.

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