Top 6 Benefits Of Using Instagram

Instagram is at the top of the list of pleasures that are daily for me. When I first began exploring Instagram I was searching for inspiration and motivation in the kitchen. 99.9 percent of my images are of meals I have developed. The reason I do this is to show that creating delicious and nutritious meals need not require a Culinary institute Of America-trained chef, or a lot of fancy ingredients. I like to make my meals quick and easy and that’s why I use the hashtags #KeepItSimple , #KeepItTast. There’s no reason to muddle the flavor of the ingredients that make up your food with ingredients that don’t improve the taste of the  ดูวิดีโอโป๊ฟรีdish nor have an objective

As time passed, Instagram assumed a new function in my everyday life. Inspiration and motivation were evident, however the unintentional humor grew to new heights. Before I go into the photos that I like the most, let me tell you that I am a huge fan of laughter and these pictures help to take the stress away from life , even if only for some time. If you’re using Instagram I’m sure you can appreciate these pictures in that they will make people laugh while scrolling through photos in you iPhone and iPad.

Top 6 Reasons I Go To Instagram Daily

The Artist At The Coffee Shop Pictures

We have all seen these photos. The one where the barista, do they call them at Starbucks decides that they are bored or starving and transforms your cup of coffee into an art piece. Heart shapes appear frequently, however I haven’t seen one of faces or of an animal. These images always make me smile because I can envision that person who orders their cappuccino, hoping of enjoying the steamed milk and hot cup of coffee and easing their stress and outcomes with a heart. Who decides the barista is the person who will receive the heart? What makes the user on Instagram decide that another picture consisting of milk in form of an heart is something that should be shared. We get it. It’s art to drink coffee. Let’s get moving!

Quest Bar Pictures

I’m not sure when Quest Bar became the face of healthy eating but when you go to a health feed there is almost assuredly there is a photo of an Quest Bar. It’s not enough to be just an Quest Bar but this product has been chopped up and then incorporated into cookies and cakes as well as broken and tossed into yogurt and so numerous different variations of its use that this article would be too long. I’ve never eaten any Quest Bar and most likely never will so I cannot make a comment about the flavor. What is it that makes Instagram photos make me smile? They’re everywhere and you cannot go a day without seeing one.


I’ve already mentioned the images of coffee barista artists up above , but a day can’t go by without pictures of cups from Starbucks. They could be the exterior of the cup or they may be the inside of the cup. I’ve even seen photos showing the insides of Starbucks. I look at them and think to myself: you bought the Starbucks coffee, and somewhere between paying and drinking you decided that you wanted to photograph it but did you taste it first? Did you have a seat and discuss with your buddies and then stop the conversation to take the shot? I’ve had many thoughts floating around in my head and I laugh because I am putting the pieces of a conversation that most likely isn’t happening however in my head it is and it is hilarious.

Mug Cake

It is my third favourite picture on Instagram. I’m not sure what makes it so funny to me up each time I look at these pictures, but they do. I guess on the inside I’m thinking to myself: when you cannot bake use the microwave. Maybe I’m trying to make mug cakes. I’m not entirely sure, but I am certain that whenever the photos on Instagram come up, I am laughing from the gut. I can say that I’ve seen amazing mug cake creations, like the chocolate mug cake that has been melted. This is amazing in my mind, but the old version where I added 1 egg with protein powder, and whatever else and voila I ‘baked’ one Protein Mug Cake just cracks me up.

Green Smoothies

I just hate them. They’re on Instagram with a lot of people and they make me laugh because my thought is: Wow you’ve got the skills to make use of your blender. It is a cooking snark however, how many green smoothies will one see before thinking: awesome and now, try cooking the greens in a new way or in a different. I’m sure that smoothies are quick and easy to make as well, but when I make them, I don’t post them on Instagram because I didn’t do anything more than adding fruit, vegetables, and water into my blender. I would like my Instagram feed to be inspiring and encouraging enough to bring people into the kitchen and cook, but this being said, if a green smoothies gets somebody getting started on their journey to health then I am all for it. Let me be very clear and say that there is absolutely anything wrong with the green juices or smoothies in general it is just when you see 20-50 pictures of green smoothies per day you have to just laugh.

Seflies Before, During Or After Workouts

They’re my all-time favorite. The image of the flex pose is among the most beautiful, however this time I’m sharing a picture of my good friend Marlene of Mission To A(nother) Marathon because her selfies have me squealing with excitement. I love when she posts pictures of herself from the bathroom at her office after a sweaty bike ride or run. Her face will tell the whole story. My favorite picture of Marlene is her in her swimming goggles , as she looks just as the guys in Despicable Me and that’s why she is my name for Despicable Marlene. Selfies are the gift that keeps giving as there are hundreds of them at any one moment and they are all more enjoyable than the others. Do you wait until the bathroom is clean to snap a photo? Do you not care that the bathroom is overcrowded?

The reasons listed below are the reasons the reasons Instagram will always have a place in my daily routine. The reason you can’t laugh at certain things that you see on Instagram is beyond me. There’s plenty of motivation and inspiration like this 21 Day Sugar Detox I will blog on Monday. However, some are comical as well. I really enjoy following users on my feeds to generate creative ideas to cook, inspire me to get to the gym and also to make me laugh.

As a marketer on social media, I have seen a variety of excellent and less than stellar campaigns leveraging Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as well as the other social platforms but these 6 points are the reasons why I’ll visit Instagram more than two times per every day. Pictures can tell 1,000 words, and in my experience, at least 1,000 laughs.

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