How to Avoid Risks While Betting

No matter if you’ve been playing the sports betting game for a while, or you’re new to the game and are following the tips on this site, chances are you’ve been to websites like when you were researching future games. You may have also seen the small “consensus” tidbit next to each game that tells what team general public thinks will prevail. You could see that a team has a 70% majority of people who believe in it and believe that it could make a reasonable option to place your bet. While nothing is ever certain in the realm of betting on sports however, this is usually wrong ufabet ทางเข้า.

If the Public Always Won…

One of the most important notions to remember while betting on sports is this: If the general public made more than they lost, the sports books would end up being ineffective. This may be simplifying things by a bit, of course, but generally speaking that is a true statement. The casinos and sports books are in business to make money–lots of money. If they are losing money in one particular area, they will either change the rules or stop offering it entirely. Because the world of online sport publications is alive well, it is then possible to say that they’re earning money , and in time, the general public loses their money.

I’ve been encouraging people to adhere to the notion that reverse opinion is the best way to gauge public opinion for several years and years. Like most of the suggestions I’ve given here at SportBooksReview, I’m not recommending that people do not bet on the team with the most support from the public every night–just keep it in mind when conducting your research. There are certain situations when observing the public consensus and comparing it with line movements can be interesting, and these are the occasions when you are able to take advantage.

Public Consensus and Line Movement

As we have discussed in the Line Movement article, there are many elements that could cause sport books to alter the line. One such factor is one team receiving significantly more money wagered on it than the other, resulting in a scenario where the books could lose a significant amount of money if one team wins. Bookmakers would rather have a nice balanced amount of money bet on both sides of the game in order that regardless of which team wins, they’ll win due to the juice (newbies: betting $110 to get $100, money is $10, which is how the juice is made). This is why it’s a good idea to take a brief peek at the consensus percentages together with the line’s movement for the games you want to bet on–there can sometimes provide some valuable data that will provide you with an advantage.

While researching When you’re doing your research, if you see a game where the public is heavily placing bets on just one player, say 70% or more however the line hasn’t changed from its initial value that is, you must consider the reasons for that. If the general public is placing most of their money on an opponent, but the books aren’t able to move the numbers to draw more gamblers to the other team this could be a sign that something is wrong. It could be that the books are certain that the public is going to be a loser, or that the large-dollar sharp betters have already made their bets on the other team. Whatever the case, this is a major red flag. Be careful not to bet your money on this strategy, but there will be situations when these numbers are too significant to ignore.


In general, I enjoy fading the public–especially in situations where there is a large general consensus that bets on the underdog during a match. As you’re probably aware, the common theme of my posts is research. It’s all about money here, so it’s extremely important that you take every opportunity to discover an advantage before placing your bet. As with the majority of my tips this doesn’t intend to be a one-size-fits-all strategy however, it is a part of a larger overall method of conducting your research and ultimately finding solid money-making opportunities. If you implement the strategies I’ve offered in this article and combine it with some alternatives, you’ll make money. The only issue is: what amount?

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